Homo Novus 2015



Homo Novus 2013
Bek Berger


Homo Novus is a disruption, an irritation of our everyday. The boundary of our curiosity expanded.


Homo Novus 2013
Ieva Briede


In times when everything circulates around money and selfishness it’s not only pleasant but also extremely important to get lost in arts to understand that there is something more important and human than that.


Homo Novus 2013
Dārta Ceriņa


If we want change in the world and within ourselves, we have to unlearn what we have learned. Ideas, people and environment is what matters. Homo Novus embraces those three elements in its purest, breaking the codes and gospels of conventional theatre.


Homo Novus 2013
Anete Jansone


Thanks to Homo Novus I have discovered the potential of theatre to change, to encourage thinking, to bring people together, to promote collective intelligence. It offers programme where ideas are at the core. Too often, I think, they have been moved into the second plan.


Homo Novus 2013
Eva Johansone

Coordinator of ACT: Art, Climate, Transition activities in Latvia

There are so many art and culture events to attend in Riga. Yet, Homo Novus is the place where I feel better than anywhere else. It encourages to search for unknown, to humanise the standards, to change for better.


Homo Novus 2013
Elīza Kirmuška


Homo Novus is not about consumption. Here you have to feel, understand, embed.


Homo Novus 2013
Gundega Laiviņa

Programme curator

While I still have the illusion, that there is a free, honest and fearless art that can open your eyes, sharpen your mind and move your heart, I belong here.


Homo Novus 2013
Elza Lāma

Publicity coordinator

Homo Novus has power to turn the mirror against you. It attracts, engages and makes you return again and again.


Homo Novus 2013
Sandra Lapkovska

Producer, production manager

Homo Novus discovered the world full of surprises and I want to show that to others, too.


Homo Novus 2013
Evarts Melnalksnis

Info coordinator

The festival appears in the city showing that small event can create beautiful experience despite the troubles of the world. To me it’s important because it’s an invitation to encounter. To not lose each other.


Homo Novus 2013
Santa Remere


Homo Novus can shake and change the perspective, it can even hurt and leave thoughtful for a very long time. This experience is deeply individual and collective, at the same time.


Homo Novus 2013
Artis Tauriņš


That feeling of having peeped into one of many other reality layers to unplug from the everyday environment for a while. Homo Novus can give you just that.