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All birds sing beautifully

Krista Burāne, Jēkabs Nīmanis / Dirty Deal Teatro (Latvia)
30.08., 31.08. 18:00 | Free with invitations

“All birds sing beautifully” is a musical participatory performance that offers viewers an unusual perspective on the borders of culture and nature, where a struggle between the cultivated and the natural, human order and wilderness, takes place. Within the performance, professional artists collaborate with young people who sing in choirs. Even the audience, by listening and hearing stories about birds and humans, contributes to the overall resonance of the show.

In Latvian mythology, human and bird songs help organize the world. The yellowhammer, the lark, the wagtail, the thrush, the blackbird, and the chaffinch play significant roles in it. However, currently, they are experiencing a rapid decline in population. Their voices have become silent or are gradually fading throughout Europe due to intensive agriculture and deforestation. The same applies to Latvia. What does this mean for Latvian people who sing in choirs? Can our song and singing organize the world in a way that the voices of the less protected do not disappear within it? I want to provide an opportunity for people who are passionate about singing to realize that our voices have power not only within the grand choir of the Song Festival but also to defend other singers – the birds. We tell stories of encounters, shared lives, coexistence, and singing between Latvians and birds. And we pose the question – where lies the value of a bird’s song?

When coming to the show, choose comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing
Free invitations must be obtained in advance at apmekle.lv

About artists

Krista Burāne is a theatre and film director with master’s degrees in philosophy and film directing. In the centre of her creative practice is a deep interest in life and humanism, potential for cooperation, creation of space and time for a dignified conversation. The director is one of the rare Latvian artists who purposefully work in genre of documentary, environmental and participation theatre.


Concept and direction: Krista Burāne
Music: Jēkabs Nīmanis
Choreography: Kristīne Brīniņa
Design: Pamela Butāne
Conductor: Patriks Kārlis Stepe
Performers: Artūrs Čukurs, Elīza Dombrovska, Rūta Holendere, Anna Klišāne, Armands Siliņš, along with the multi-voice choir “Visu putnu koris”
Consultation: Janīna Kursīte, Viesture Ķerus
Producer: Dirty Deal Teatro
Co-production: Story Hub
Supported by: Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds
The performance is included in the Riga City Council’s Summer Culture Program

30., 31.



Dzegužkalns park


In Latvian without subtitles

Run time

2 h 30 min.



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