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The Guxxi Fabrika

The Guxxi Fabrika (Chile/Germany, Latvia)
30.08 - 09.09. 12:00–15:00 (by appointment), 15:00–19:00 (public) | Free

The Guxxi Fabrika is a political exercise on value, a joke, an unproductive production chain, a poor gift shop, a performative party, a fashion show/slow.
The platform based on collective creation generates an alternative space of production with its own working conditions using migrant bags as raw material.

It seeks to reflect and put in conflict the concepts of value and cost in artistic systems, thus creating its own forms of economic exchange and valuing migrant visualities. Playing with the desire to want and speculation.

Our trajectory as Guxxi Fabrika began in 2021, in Riga within the context of Homo Novus Festival, in our first meeting we met 4 people who did not know each other, in a space in the middle of the old market Vidzemes tirgus, very open to the public and being very observed by the people who daily serve in this place.

As a group we set out to experiment with creative freedom, to develop a project where we questioned how we wanted to work, what we really wanted to do during the day and in the end get something in return, a “payment”. Over the days we reflected on concepts such as value, cost and working conditions in a mass production system together with the people involved.

Guxxi Fabrika became a collective that since then, works with love and respect trying every day to discover how to make something new and share that platform with the communities around us. The material we use responds to the investment, to revalue the visuality of the migrant bags, to discuss migration and the working class. The bags change or acquire the name of the community that migrates to another country, they have been called African, Chinese, Russian, Polish bags, among others.

People are invited to join as they want, but for the shy ones we propose 3 first steps, they can help us to prepare the material to be able to build new things, they can use the material and the cutting patterns together with the technical inputs we have and create something of their own or they can simply negotiate with one of us and get something from the Guxxi Fabrika already produced. The value of the products normally goes up as the demand increases so we appreciate the creativity and generosity of the offers, we do not accept money we only exchange objects or experiences.

What happens when you are participating is that you meet people, stories, we understand the origin of what surrounds you and in this trance of mechanical work you become a performer of the Guxxi fabrika.



The collective is composed of four people who participate as horizontal collaborators, none of the people knew each other at the beginning, they all have different professions and ages. Our goal is to try to reclaim the right to question old ways of understanding what surrounds us and propose political/social alternatives that are based on fun, because it has to be a right to have fun working, and we invite the people around us to be part of it.
There are two members who have children and the other two have dogs; three of team live in Riga and one in Berlin; only three speak Latvian; they have a variety of zodiac signs such as cancer, aries, sagittarius and scorpio, only one is a vegetarian – the one who lives in Berlin (a bit obvious). They really enjoy working together in silence or with music, most of the team likes the same kind of music, something like 80s rock and greatest hits so we can sing together.


Concept: Cote Jaña Zuñiga
Artist collective: The Guxxi Fabrika (Cote Jaña Zuñiga, Klinta Šinta, Anta Pole, Marta Rubene)
Producer: Ieva Briede

Implemented as part of project BE PART. Supported by EU programme Creative Europe.


Festivāla centrs
12:00–15:00 (by appointment), 15:00–19:00 (public)



in English, Spanish, Latvian

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