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Ode to Summer

SIXTH (Latvia)
01.09. 20:00, Festival Centre | Free entry

A work-in-progress by the contemporary dance association SIXTH, who work according to the principles of consensus and without a leader. Instead of exploring the destructive effects of gambling and alcohol consumption associated with casinos, SIXTH focuses on the playfulness and vitality of this space. They use children’s games to create the movement material and structure of the performance.


About artists

SIXTH is an association of artists who have a similar world view since their studies in Contemporary Dance Art Program of the Latvian Academy of Culture (2021) and who have continued to work together after graduating. They strive to create a contemporary, inclusive art environment and strengthen the culture of contemporary dance in Latvia, by creating performances that shed light on current events and themes that concenrn local and wider society, as well as sharing stories that have personally touched the artists themselves. The artists’ focus is on the body and movement as a full-fledged form of expression. The new generation of choreographers intend to promote empathy and broaden the perspective of human existence in the modern world.


SIXTH consists of: Emīlija Berga, Kitija Geidāne, Vladimirs Goršantovs, Ģirts Dubults, Ramona Levane, Melānija Linda Muskare, Arturs Muskars, Oskars Moore, Marija Saveiko




Festival Centre

Free entry

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Festival Centre

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