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Dreaming of a Perfect Arts House

LAUKKU (Latvia, international)
03.09 11:00 -18:00, Festival Centre | Free entry

Join us for an extraordinary experience where art and construction come together in “Dreaming of a Perfect Arts House”. Durational performance, taking you on a transformative journey with artists exploring the intricacies of labour in the construction industry.

The performance is a dialogue between construction workers and artists, two groups paradoxically located on the lowest rungs of the “art house-making system.” The project aims to point out socio-economic and immigration problems where the perfect art house represents an image of a meeting and dreaming place for the marginalised and privileged.

The performance involves different stages of labour, such as preparation, work, breaks, shifts, celebration, evaluation of a result, etc. During the performance, we’ll use various objects and things that people carry with them to go to work.
This ambitious project is part of an artistic research process that hopefully leads to the physical space at the LAUKKU residency location.


Par māksliniekiem

LAUKKU is a collective of co-thinkers and co-doers founded in 2017 as a continuation of the yearly laboratories “New Dance in a New Place” taking place since 2013. We aim to promote contemporary art in rural and peripheral areas and build artistic alternatives through challenging urban lifestyles in big cities and centres. Peripheries and mobility are the two fundamental elements of our collective. We are an international group with members currently from Latvia, Finland, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, the USA and Denmark. We do collective work, so everything always begins with travelling or zooming. LAUKKU unites dance professionals and enthusiasts from different art fields and other disciplines. LAUKKU pays particular attention to research, arts education, interdisciplinary collaborations and experiments. Community engagement projects play a crucial role in LAUKKU’s work. LAUKKU aims to promote critical thinking and the presence of contemporary arts in everyday life, paying particular attention to the territories and communities where access to the variety of opinions is limited. Since 2022 LAUKKU has started to develop LAUKKU home – artists’ residency in the forest of North Latvia near a tiny village called Braslava. The house was previously owned by a Latvian-American extravagant artist Eso Antons Benjamiņš.

Izrādes veidotāji

Concept: Agnese Bordjukova, Agate Bankava, Inta Balode, Ginta Grūbe
Choreography: Agnese Bordjukova, Agate Bankava
Performance: Agnese Bordjukova, Agate Bankava, Inta Balode, Ginta Grūbe, Laima
Visual design: Ginta Grūbe
Sound design: Laima
Management, publicity, documentation: Sigita Vesele –
Visual design elements: Anna Slido
Consultation: Kaspars Dzenis, Ainārs Kozlovskis, Valsts Miķelsons, Daiga Rokpelne
Co-production: LJTI, Eskus, VKKF, Latvian Dance Information Centre (LDIC) Baltic Culture Fund




Behind the main building of the Latvian National Art Museum on the park side

Free entry


Suitable for non-Latvian speakers

Run time

7 h



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