Homo Novus



Queereeoké (Germany), feat. Baltic Drag King Collective
08.09. 20:00, Festival Centre | Free entry

QUEEREEOKÉ is back! After a glorious and transformative session at last year’s edition, the German-based collective returns to Homo Novus to bring back a fresh portion of queer empowerment to Riga’s LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. With the means of karaoke, spontaneous choreography, subversive humour, mutual support mechanism and the breakdown of the audience-performer binary, the show queers its way into every heart in the room. Add some punky glamour, juicy banter and mindful awareness strategies and you’re in for the ultimate queer boot camp of the year. Nervous? Well, that’s how we grow. And remember: it’s not how you sing – it’s what you bring!


About artists

Queereeoké is a project born out of love for a good show, singing and bonding over a night full of self-expression. Danny Banany and their friends are using the format of karaoke to redefine a fabulous party night with self-empowerment by blurring the lines of audience and artist, but also to provide a space where expressive queerness is central and real – and not a marketing gag.




Festival Centre

Free entry

In English

60 min

Festival Centre

Kaļku iela 24

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