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elektron.art (Estonia)
06.09., 07.09., 08.09., 09.09 14:00—21:00, In front of the Festival Centre (Kaļķu iela 24) | Free entry

Thought: interrupted is a traveling version of elektron.signal podcast. It is an amateur radio station in a camper van broadcasting conversations, impressions, sounds and ideas from villages, towns, bogs and, every now and then, even from festivals. Like this time from the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre ‘Homo Novus’ in Riga.
Who is there?!? Who performs and why do they? Who visits and who are they? Who is here with friends and who has no other friend besides this hickey radio program keeping them company?
We share a possibility to hang out with us, three random Estonians, and listen on spot or enjoy the program during the darkening autumn nights at your preferred locations. Some of the program will be announced once we know what it will be and some of it will be spontaneous involving us, you and the ones we have yet to meet.
Accurate weather announcements guaranteed. Always. Yours.


About artists

elektron.art is a transdisciplinary performing arts platform located in Tallinn, Estonia.
Hendrik Kaljujärv has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, degree program audiovisual creation. He is a composer, sound designer, musician, director and performer whose creative explosion is often dependent on the earth’s astrological position. His specialty is giving feedback that helps a light and jumpy mind to calm down, to look inside and open up to its real potential.
Daria Khrystych is a Ukrainian recent graduate of MSc Urban Studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Daria is interested in exploring how spaces are experienced affectively and playing with invisibilities and exclusions in the urban realm. She works with participatory interventions, feminist methodologies and site-specific projects.
Maike Lond is an artist who does little besides observing. Every now and then a performance is made of these observations. The rest of the time she plays in a noise band Zahir or, just like the ones above, does things in/ with/ for elektron.art.


Concept, artists: Hendrik Kaljujärv, Daria Khrystych, Maike Lond

Thought: Interrupted is part of the Festivals’ Path project. The project is co-curated and co-organised with the ANTI festival, Finland. The Festivals’ Path project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

6, 7, 8, 9



In front of the Festival Centre

12:00-21:00 (on 09.09.)


Free entry


In English with mixture of other languages

Broadcasting live

Studio in front of the Festival Centre

Līvu laukums


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